Monday, December 25, 2006

Who is concerned by coaching ?

Coaching for leaders

It is meant for the leaders who wish to benefit from a professional training, and consists in helping them to face confidently the various steps of their activity, such as making decisions or doing important oral exercises in their firm (meetings, interviews...). It also helps them take office, and encourages them to increase their relationship and communication potential. It guides them in order to improve their judgement and the efficiency required for their post.

Coaching for teams

It strengthens team spirit. In a recently set up team, coaching enables each member to find their own marks to raise collective productivity quickly. On the contrary, it reinforces an old team whose results and efficiency tend to decrease.

Coaching for individuals

It is meant for anyone who is willing to carry out a career assessment, think about their professional prospects, or simply benefit from the relief to be able to manage their stress and be more efficient during the selective stages of the job search process (professional plans, interviews). Besides, it helps those people to increase their autonomy.

Corporate coaching

Corporate coaching directly concerns the changes in a firm's organization, and must enable leaders to foresee these changes and the difficulties thus implied, rather than have them passively bear the consequences.

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