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Hear Spanish Survival Phrases

The phrases offered here are excerpts from the software title, Learn Spanish Now! from Transparent Language. Click on the phrase to hear the Spanish pronunciation spoken by a native Spanish speaker. Take advantage of this Spanish language resource as you learn to speak Spanish!

Basic Spanish Phrases

Sí. Yes.

No. No.

Por favor. Please.

Gracias. Thank you.

De nada. You're welcome.

Perdóneme. Excuse me.

Lo siento. I'm sorry.

Buenos días. Good morning.

Buenas tardes. Good afternoon.

Buenas noches. Good night.

Spanish Phrases for Meeting and Greeting

¿Habla Ud. inglés? Do you speak English?

¿Se habla inglés aquí? Does anyone here speak English?

Discúlpeme por hablar tan mal el español. Excuse my poor Spanish.

Solamente hablo un poco de español. I only speak a little Spanish.

¿Cómo se llama Ud.? What is your name?

Me llamo Martín. My name is Martin.

Esta es Catalina. This is Catalina.

¿Cómo está Ud.? How are you?

¿Qué tal ha estado Ud.? How have you been?

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The importance of language learning

Why should we learn a foreign language? After all, the whole world speaks English. Well, there's some truth in this argument, but only some. There are many reasons for learning a new language:

Personal Development

By learning a new language, you gain new horizons, but at the same time you reinforce your own identity, and therefore also your self-confidence. A foreign language can contribute to a stronger personality.

Cultural Reasons

It is a fundamental truth that cultures define themselves through languages. A foreign language gives you access to another culture. It gives you the ability to communicate and to exchange views with people all over the world that you would otherwise not have the chance to know.

Educational Reasons

Learning a foreign language opens up a whole new dimension. It has a positive effect on intellectual growth and it enriches and enhances mental development.
Learning a foreign language is especially effective at an early age. It greatly benefits reading and writ…

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What is it like to transition careers into the sports industry ?

People who have marketable skills, especially those with previous sales experience, can make the transition fairly easily into the sports industry. Knowing every statistic for every sports figure, and who won the Super Bowl for the last twenty years will only be marketable in some small niche market. Being a sports fanatic isn't a sure fire sign for you to drop everything and work in the sports industry.

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Another way of working

How to Start a Freelance Career
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So do you need years of experience and fantastic qualifications to join these
lucky people? Not at all. You just need a skill that you can offer to potential
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Of course, the biggest challenge for new freelancers is finding enough work to
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Something happens to people when they get online. Maybe it's the instant access, maybe it's the "I-could-be-naked" anonymity, but when people get online they sometimes get overly casual and informal. This might be fine when your talking to your buddy in Omaha or the sweetheart you just met in a chatroom, but it doesn't work well when you're trying to get business done.

Just because you're communicating online does not mean you should consider yourself exempt from any of the formalities of paper-based communication. Online cover letters are notoriously awful, poorly written throwaways of fewer than three lines whose only purpose is to say "I'm applying, this is my resume, have a nice day."

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