Monday, December 25, 2006

Coaching for students

You are looking for a first job or an internship?

Obviously, it implies that you must compose a resume and a cover letter, and eventually take an interview. Doing well through these three steps is the first necessary condition for a successful career.

Resume for students

A good resume is not only a complete list of your school education and your work experience...It must stand for a selling document.
You still don't have a resume and you would like to know how to write it in the most perfect way possible?
You have already written you resume but you are not sure whether its content is correct and appropriate?
You are looking for sites where you could post your resume?
Use internet to write your resume

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Cover letter for students

In addition to your resume, the cover letter is the last step before getting an interview.
Find advice and examples to compose a good cover letter and get an interview.
Use internet to write your cover letter

Struggling to write a cover letter? Click Here !

Practice interview for students
Get well-prepared thanks to mock interviews
As a student, interviews certainly stand for the most difficult step in your job or internship search process.

You have to get very well-prepared for this event to compensate for your inexperience.

Interview secrets revealed!

Master the interview in less than TWO hours!

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