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Total Brain Makeover

We have a chance to change our lives every day-and yet we stay “the same person”, hoping that someone or something, somewhere, will make a miracle happen that will bring us all the things that we have ever wanted. Sometimes we even lean on the hope and inspiration of others, or we live vicariously through the lives of the rich and famous, silently wishing that we too, could have more of what we want. 
What you want is a goal, and this goal is imminently attainable. Not because you can wish and it will come to you. But because you can use your brain to get you there. Now, I recognize that you may not be able to get there overnight. So I created TOTAL BRAIN MAKEOVER-your guide to happier and more productive living one step at a time. 
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Cover letter in English Tips and tricks

Mentioning key points relating to US and UK cover letters:
1. Format - If we notice, UK cover letter mentions the name and address on the top right hand side of the letter of application on the right hand side below the nameIn US cover letter, it is left alignedIn US cover letter, applicant mentions its address in the signatureOther rules in terms of font style, font size, use of italics/bold is common to bothBullet points  2. Content
Insist more on skills and experience rather than Education UK cover letter tries to convince a bit more than the US which is more directUS is a bit more stringent on the grammar, spellings, syntax than the UK counterpartUK is a bit more professional than the US one relativelyIn both cases, a strict NO to mentioning age, marital status, gender which is termed as discriminatory  3. Style US Cover Letter is flashy unlike the UK one « outstanding communication skills« , « prove…

5 Steps to an Incredible Cover Letter


The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe by Glenn Clark