Friday, November 28, 2008

Savoir se vendre en huit leçons

Avez vous vu le dernier numéro de Management ?

Vous y trouverez un article trés intéressant sur le personal branding.
Il s'agit de se "marketer" comme une grande marque.

Vous y apprendrez par exemple :
- comment cibler les bons interlocuteurs en entreprise
- comment adapter votre discours en fonction de votre interlocuteur
- comment "détecter les compétences qui font votre valeur ajoutée "
- comment faire un "elevator speech"
- quels réseaux utiliser pour se faire connaitre ( Facebook,Viadeo,...)
- comment utiliser les blogs pour mieux se faire connaitre

Par ailleurs, vous trouverez un article sur les personal shoppers ou coach vestimentaire.

Pour approfondir le sujet, vous pouvez lire :

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thales et le jeu Moonshield

Thales recrute

Pour découvrir ses métiers de façon ludique elle a lancé un jeu en ligne que j'ai testé pour vous !
Selon ma compréhension après un rapide tour sur le jeu, il s'agit de sauver la planète d'astéroides.

Pour ce faire vous avez à construire une base sur la lune : vous mettez des bâtiments d'habitation, puis des batiments de ravitaillements, des outils de détection d'astéroides et aussi des outils de destruction de ces astéroides.

Vous avez une réserve de batiments et d'hommes et de fournitures pour vous aider dans votre tâche.
Et surtout toutes les technologies de Thales que vous découvrez au fur et à mesure du jeu avec les acteurs de ces technologies. C'est amusant!

Tout est en anglais cela prouve bien qu'il est nécessaire de parler l'anglais couramment pour entrer dans ce grand groupe international.

Cela peut vous permettre de vous amuser et encore de rentrer chez Thales.

Pour soutenir sa croissance, Thales recrute chaque année 7 000 personnes dans le monde. Nous embauchons principalement des jeunes diplômés et des personnes justifiant d'une première expérience professionnelle, avec un profil ingénieur ou business, capables d'innover et de répondre aux nouveaux besoins de nos clients.

Nous recherchons des personnalités ouvertes, curieuses, innovantes, intéressées par des parcours variés, et motivées pour relever des challenges internationaux.

Avec 70 % d'ingénieurs, Thales recherche principalement des profils scientifiques et techniques. Cependant, nous recrutons également des candidats à fort potentiel dans les domaines de la vente et du marketing, de la finance et de l'audit, des ressources humaines, de la communication, du juridique.

Pour découvrir ses métiers

Monday, November 10, 2008

How to get your dream job ?

Dear Friend,

There's only one sure way to get your dream job... and that is with the cooperation of other people.

Without the cooperation of others, you'd never get a job. In order to gain cooperation, you have to use persuasion to get it.

Most people try to persuade others by rationalizing with them. Doesn't always work. Sometimes they try to argue with someone to get what they want. That won't work.

But smart people learn something about the art of persuasion and learn to give the other person something valuable in the exchange.

Michael Lee, has created a breakthrough course titled "How To Be An Expert Persuader.. In 20 Days Or Less" It's at:

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As you go through his course, you get the feeling that he is right there with you, guiding you gently through the material.

When you reach the end of Michael's course, you find that you've learned so much, and you now have the confidence to put into practice everything he's taught you.

It's like you've grown up with a friend who will be there for you no matter what happens, ready to help you get everything you always wanted out of life.

Everything that you read and listen here is easily understood... you seem to automatically know how to use the information given to you.

Michael's power-packed course talks about some things that I haven't seen in any product or seminar on persuasion.

Things like:

Self-programming affirmations to turn you into a persuasion power-house.
A powerful relaxation exercise to give added punch to your persuasion efforts.
How to develop magnetic charisma power.
One word that magically makes people like you.
The one secret to successful interviewing that most candidates don't know.
How to get your recruiter to sell themselves.
When to know that 'less is more'.
How to find (or create) a magic button that compells someone to give you what you want.
and much, much more!

Michael's amazing offer might change in the blink of an eye.
You have to act quickly if you want to get in on this special deal. So if you're ready to start a new life as a powerful expert persuader :

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Wishing You Powerful Persuasion Success!

P.S. If you're constantly unhappy and frustrated with everything going on around you, then developing your abilities of persuasion is the right step to take. And there will never be a better time to do that than right now!
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Monday, November 3, 2008

Discover Brian Tracy !

1. Flight Plan
"Flight Plan -- The Real Secret of Success"

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If you’re like millions of people - you just don’t have the time or the energy to accomplish the things you really want. Your job takes up all of your time, there are bills to pay, and you never seem be able to get ahead.

Now you can learn The Real Secret of Success – from my new best-selling book Flight Plan.

Flight Plan

You need a flight plan to succeed. It’s amazing how many people fail because they just don’t have a plan. And having a plan isn’t enough. Just like an airplane pilot you must make course corrections to arrive at your destination – your goals.

When you learn to create your flight plan – Your life will become a success.

"You'll find the real secret to success in Brian Tracy's Flight Plan. It's an easy-to-read, practical step-by-step approach to accomplishing your goals."
-- Dr. Tony Alessandra, coauthor of The Platinum Rule and author of Charisma

Get in Shape and Look Amazing Now!

• Look amazing – Feel amazing
• Have endless energy for life
• Lose the pounds you want to lose

Do you want to achieve your ideal fitness goal? Of course you do!!!

You want to look 5, 10, or even 20 years younger. You want to fit into your skinny pants. You want endless energy.

Flight Plan will show you how to achieve ANY of your goals - even your fitness goals.

Your Ticket to Success

My best-selling book will show you how to get from wherever you are today to wherever you want to be in the future. Like any good pilot, you need a flight plan that you file before you begin and that you use to guide you on your way.

"As a former Navy carrier pilot and astronaut trainer, I know that a flight plan is critical to a successful mission. No one is better qualified to help you navigate your future than Brian Tracy. His new book is laser accurate and hits the bulls-eye for authentic, lifelong achievement of your loftiest goals."
-- Denis Waitley, author of The Psychology of Winning

Flight Plan

Flight Plan shows you how to succeed greatly in any area – based on my work with thousands of self-made millionaires, multimillionaires and billionaires world-wide. It's been proven to work.

There are universal principles and truths that have been discovered and rediscovered throughout history and that all successful people learn and practice. It’s time for you to learn these life-changing techniques.

I have personally gone from rags to riches using these principles. I have taught them to 4 million people in 46 countries and become one of the top success teachers and gurus on personal performance in the world. People who apply the formula in Flight Plan experience immediate changes and long-term improvements in every area of life.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is assured through my no-risk, you-can’t-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked, ironclad money-back guarantee.

Take 90 full days to examine and use these life-changing programs. If for any reason, you aren't satisfied or it doesn't live up to your expectations, just contact my customer support team and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

Risk Free

Learn The Real Secret of Success today – And since you have 90 full days to experience the true value - You can buy this program today risk free!

When you follow your Flight Plan, the sky is the limit!

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The Real Secret of Success. Make more money now, Work smarter not harder, Spend time with your family. Learn the secrets today.

2. The ultimate Goals Program

Learn the 21 most important strategies and techniques ever discovered to help you accomplish more of your goals, faster than you ever have before.

In this exciting program, you learn how to:

  • Unlock your potential
  • Take charge of your life
  • Create your own future
  • Clarify your values
  • Determine your true goals
  • Decide upon your major definite purpose
  • Analyze your beliefs
  • Start at the beginning
  • Measure your progress
  • Remove the roadblocks
  • Become an expert in your field
  • Associate with the right people
  • Make a plan of action
  • Manage your time well
  • Review your goals daily
  • Visualize your goals continually
  • Activate your superconscious mind
  • Remain flexible at all times
  • Unlock your inborn creativity
  • Do something every day
  • Persist until you succeed

Achieve Your Dreams! Get The Ultimate Goals Program by Brian Tracy.

3. The Miracle of Self-Discipline

"Accomplish More in a Month Than Most People Accomplish in a Year"
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Learn how to practice higher levels of self-discipline and self-control in every area of your life.

Your ability to discipline yourself "to do what you should, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not" is the key to becoming a great person and living a great life.

In this powerful, practical program you will learn how to:
  • Take complete control of your time and your life

  • Discipline yourself to get going and keep going

  • Overcome procrastination five different ways

  • Focus on your most valuable activities

  • Make yourself do your most important tasks immediately

  • Master your appetites in all areas

  • Practice delayed gratification for greater success

  • Improve your self-esteem and self-image

  • Develop courage and persistence in every area

  • Release your "mental brakes" and unlock your potential

  • Concentrate single-mindedly on your key goals

  • Control and master your behaviors in every area

  • Become more confident and self-reliant

  • And much, much more.

When you develop the habits of self-discipline, you will accomplish more in a month than most people accomplish in a year.

Learn how to apply Self-Discipline to: Goal Setting; Time Management; Health Habits; Relationships; Sales; Business Operations; Physical Fitness; Personal Development; Negotiating; Communications; Character Development; and many other areas.

Accomplish More in a Month Than Most People Accomplish in a Year. Take complete control of your time and your life. Get more done now.