Monday, December 25, 2006

Organizing time

According to the Pareto principle, 80% of our time is spent on 20% of our problems. Let's see how to use your time better!

How do you use your time?

Before organizing your time, you have to analyse the way you use it now. However, you have to do this very seriously : don't try to remember what you did in a week, it is definitely the best way to forget all the little things that make you lose so much time...
A good technique consists in using an activity log for several days, showing everything you did in one day (see our page about the activity log). This simple technique will help you to see the variations in your energy level during the day (to thus know at which moment(s) of the day you are the most effecient) and you will find out how much (too much!) time you are wasting time because of interruptions, distractions and procrastination... this is a first step toward organizing time better!

Setting goals and priorities

Now work out what you precisely want to achieve, and think about how to achieve it as effectively as possible. To improve your results, use a goal-setting process : breakdown every big task into several smaller ones, that will be as many motivating goals to achieve. To set your goals efficiently : see our goal setting page.
When there are too many goals, you have to set priorities : see our priority management page.

Improving time quality

Finally, organizing time implies strictly complying with several rules, which will allow you to improve your productivity by using your time better : your time quality depends on an efficient method of organization.

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