Monday, December 25, 2006

The guidebook of careers

by Patrick Taranto, ESCP

Master the 3 keys to your professional prospects:

1. a well-defined project ;
2. a powerful personal marketing ;
3. an accurate communication ;

The Guidebook of careers Job Academy is a springboard for your career.
The latest edition of this guide helps you define and present your professional project in the best way possible.
Would you like your professional dream to come true? Yes?
So I suggest you should read the following message very carefully.Imagine a minute you will perform your vocation tomorrow, and how easy it would be if you had a guide to help you achieve your professional goals.

Is it really that simple?

YES, but you must be aware of three things: 1. You must have a sincere desire to take your career in hand and to create the future you want.2. You must be willing to follow this method.3. Everything will work since you will have the sincere desire to respect others as much as yourself. If your expectations are honest, I will be happy to help you throughout this book.

Once you have adopted the Guidebook of careers Job Academy , you'll create yourself personal and professional links with people based on mutual respect and you will be appreciated you for your excellence.

If that is what you are looking for, this book is meant for you.
The Guidebook of careers Job Academy

Would you like to find a job that truly meets your character, your motivation, in a very simple manner?Follow me then... I think I can help you.The method I am about to explain to you is a "proven" method. It will take you step by step to the expected result.

Does this strategy work? Yes!

I know what "having good ideas" means...Ideas are important but you still have to know how to organize them and connect all the elements together.Having a global vision and creating a system, a "machine" that enables you to fulfil your professional desire, here is what I offer you.This is the process used by all the main gurus of career management. All these people have a lot of know-how in this field. They advise all the biggest leaders. They all use the method described in the Guidebook of careers Job Academy .
What you will appreciate is that I made this method simple to follow so that you can apply it to yourself. The whole process is spread before you in detail, step by step. This method does not pose any difficulty. I have developed this method for 10 years, starting from 0 to make your life easier.

It is really simple!
Cost : € 14,90
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