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Smiling Too Much During Interviews


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What to wear during an interview for male

What You Should Wear  to a Job Interview You’ve updated your resume, now update your look ​

Accenture report ; freelancers are the future

Accenture Tech Vision Report on Workforce Marketplaces: Why Enterprises Built for Change Will Dominate
Digital-born companies are disrupting the establishment with an agile and dynamic approach to doing business. And, according to a new report from Accenture, incumbent enterprises who want to stay competitive are prepared to follow suit. According to the 2017 Accenture Technology Vision report on Workforce Marketplaces: “Businesses are transforming their organizational models and the way they manage their people to take advantage of an increasingly digital and on-demand workforce.” These organizations are what Accenture describes as “built-for-change companies,” willing to explore new workforce technologies. Citing one Fortune 50 CPG company as an example, Accenture highlights the results of a pilot program that used Upwork Enterprise, a solution that combines technology and services, to find and contract freelancers who helped deliver products faster and at a lower cost than with co…