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Career Guide for a new generation of job seekers

There's never been a career guide like it.the fully illustrated story (ingeniously told in Manga form) of a young Everyman just out of college who lands his first job. Johnny Bunko is new to parachute company Boggs Corp., and he stumbles through his early days as a working stiff until a crisis prompts him to find a new job. Step by step he builds a career, illustrating as he does the six core lessons of finding, keeping, and flourishing in satisfying work: There is no plan ,Forget about your weaknesses, Persistence trumps talent, It's not about you ,Make excellent mistakes, Leave an imprintSmart, engaging, and insightful, The Adventures of Johnny Bunko offers practical advice for anyone looking to start a rewarding career.

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Comment vous forger un mental d'acier

Le journal "Management du mois de Novembre" ose un numéro spécial "comment demeurer optimiste."

Je l'ai lu et j'ai trouvé cela passionant. Dites moi ce que vous en pensez !

"Découvrez la force de la "pensée positive"

Développez vos facultés de concentration

Soignez votre corps pour être bien dans votre tête

Sept séminaires pour apprendre à vous dépasser "

Pour prolonger votre lecture nous avons concocté pour vous une bibliographie sur le théme du développement personnel.

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Jobs, salaires, 35 Heures en images sur M6

Les réalités du monde du travail en 2008 en images sur M6

"Enquête sur la face de vos emplois

35 heures : est ce déjà la fin ?

Enquête sur les entreprises qui aident les employés à retouver un emploi ?

Avec en particulier un gros plan sur mon ancien employeur BPI : leurs nouvelles méthodes avec en particulier la méthode commando qui consiste à se rendre directement dans les entreprises pour déposer son CV

Temps partiel : Est ce un bon plan ?

PLus de 50 ans : Est ce possible de retrouver un emploi ? "

Acing your interview : FAQ Part 6

Questions about your career goals :

What are your long term objectives ?
Tell me about your career objective I can see on your resume.
What is your professional project ?
What is your career planning?
What is your dream job ?

Acing your interview : FAQ Part 5

Question about the salary :

What kind of salary are you worth ?
What salary would you need to join our firm ?

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Acing your interview : FAQ Part 4

Questions about your motivations

About the available job :

Why are you applying for this position ?
What made you apply to this position ?
What are the pluses and minuses of the position for you ?
What are your expectations at this job ?
What interest you most about this job ?
Why do you think you would enjoy this kind of work ?

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Acing your interview : FAQ Part 3

Questions about your qualities and personality

What are your strengths?

What is your greatness weakness? Can you elaborate a little on this ?
If I were to ask your professors to describe you, what would they say ?
Do you prefer to work on your own or in a team ?
Do you have friends ? What do they think of you?
Do you think you are fast when it comes to making a decision? Are you a leader or a follower?
What can you bring to our company ?
How do you balance life and work ?

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Acing your interview FAQ Part 2

Questions about your experience and your skills:

Describe your last job (or internship)

Tell me about your work history
Tell me what about your professional experience makes you qualified for the job .
How much experience do you have ?
How would you rate your communication skills ?
Which of your accomplishments have brought you the greatest satisfaction ?
How did you get your summer job ? Which of the part time jobs you held did you like least ?
What did you learn during your internships?
What is your main professional experience ?
What are your computer skills ?
What did you like best about your last company ?
What did you like least about your last company ?
How do you react to criticism on the Job ?

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Acing your interview : FAQ Part 1

Questions about your education :

Why did you choose the college you attended ?
Why did you decide to go to graduate school ?
What was your major and how did you choose it ?
Why did you choose this major ?
What was your favorite class ?
What courses did you like best ? why ?
What specialization did you choose ?
Did you pass your high-school diploma with honors ?
How has your education prepared you for your career ?
How much education did you finance yourself ? and how ?
Tell me about the extra curricular activities you were involved in ?
What was the best moment you had in college ?
What are your future plans for your education ?
Do you think your exam results should be considered by first employers ?

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Des conseils pour négocier et faire évoluer votre salaire : Premier salaire : comment négocier sans se tromper ?
Mercredi 14 Mai 2008
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