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Salary and the Job Interview - How to Answer Questions About Desired Salary

Many people have a pretty good idea of the type of salary they want to make when changing jobs or looking for the first time but when the issue comes up in an interview, many people stumble.

When you are interviewing for a position and the interviewer asks you "Can you tell me what salary you are looking for?", what do you say? Surprisingly most people speak too soon when it comes to money and this often ends up hurting them in the long run.

You will occasionally get the interviewer who will ask this very early in the process, which can really catch you off guard but there are two things you can do to make sure you are ready for it.

1. Put it off by redirecting. If an interviewer asks you this question, one of the best ways to redirect is to say, "It feels premature to talk about salary until I know more about the job and the responsibilities that go with it. Could you share with me the range budgeted for this position." Now you have put the ball in their court and th…