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Comparatif des guides sur l'entretien d'embauche


Product comparison for job interview guides ( in English)


Short bilingual presentation of our recruiting activities

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Stephen Covey: Goals and Priorities

Love what you do

From the desk of Tony Robbins

"Are you working 50, 60, maybe even 80 hours a week because you want to or because you have to?

Recent studies have shown that less than 50 percent of people are satisfied with their career. Find Your True Gift: 3 Paths to Maximizing Impact in Your Career, Tony Robbins gets to the core of professional fulfillment and how to achieve it.

Tony Robbins has worked with people from all walks of life over the last three decades—from U.S. presidents and Fortune 500 CEOs to school teachers and construction workers. A thriving entrepreneur himself, Robbins has come to understand that no matter what your background, there’s a universal element in professional fulfillment that stems from discovering your true gift. It’s about realizing what drives you and the people around you, and then capitalizing on that gift to create lasting impact for yourself and others. "