Monday, December 25, 2006

Writing a resume is easy !

Resume building in English and in French

Everybody, including you, needs a resume !You have your own skills and knowledge ! Learn to present them.Thanks to patterns, our resume review service helps you write and present a resume on paper or on the Internet.

Resume review cost
€ 199*
€ 149*
* Taxes included


Is your cover letter effective ?

Have your cover letter written in English and in French
Is your cover letter effective?To make sure, submit it to us and within two days receive a detailed cover letter .


€ 119*
* Taxes included


To succeed in your job interview, practise!

Practice interiews in English and in French

You're taking a job interview soon ?

Get prepared ! If you want to convince, you'll have to choose the right words, master the interview techniques and improve your arguments !
Practice interview cost
Single cost for 1 hour
€ 55*

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