Monday, December 25, 2006


Of course, the first aim of every method of organisation is to save time... but it can even help you to create more time! Just apply the following principles as a basis for your own method of organisation...
Some simple rules to save time...
Try to respect your different energy levels while planning your schedules (determine these levels with an activity log )
Get the most out of your meetings : don't be late, keep attentive, take notes...
Avoid waiting time : confirm the day before and don't arrive too early.
Use waiting and travelling time : keep busy, you'll get your work done sooner!
Learn to read documents more efficiently : go to the essential, depending on what you're looking for.
Avoid procrastination by eliminating its causes : too much perfectionism, boredom, reluctance to perform a task... For example, don't hesitate to drop unnecessary tasks, which are not motivating enough.
Avoid distractions (phone calls, visits...)

... and some others to create more time!
Delegate to capable people.
Get up early... but sleep enough : just one hour of sleep debt can lower your productivity by 25 %!

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