Wednesday, August 26, 2015

StrengthsFinder 2.0

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Today, I am sharing two best reads, that will not only help you professional but also help you to develop your inner self as well.
I hope that you will enjoy them a lot.
Its all about uncovering your talent, know more about your strengths,and accompanied by loads of strategies to apply strengths to professional and personal life.
This book reflects how the the best of best are different from ordinary people and the essential ingredients which make them best of best. This book had covered areas from football to blue-chip industry, from Maths to Music, and its a piece of art and must have for development.
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Sunday, August 16, 2015

The No-no's of the Place They Call “Workplace”

Coming to work everyday and making a long-term career can be made a lot easier if you know how to be at your best all of the time and if you are cautious about making good relationships with your officemates. For career starters, the workplace is not very much different from the academe. Keep your workplace healthy at all times. Below are five surefire workplace no-no's to help you avoid mistakes in the workplace.

Do not be late. Promptness at work, not only through attendance but also through output submission, is a sign of responsibility. If you are quick to turnover assigned tasks, this will impress your superiors and thus may even provide for various bigger responsibilities.

Do not take your personal problems to work. You are expected to leave your problems at work when you reach home the same way that you are expected to forget about your personal problems when you come to the workplace. “Focus” is a very essential element in order to carry out tasks efficiently and quickly.

Do not pursue your intentions at the expense of your co-workers. Yes, everybody wants to get ahead. The competition can be really stiff at the workplace. However, pursuing your wants at the expense of somebody’s back is a big no-no. You never know when karma gets back to you. Play your game clean. After all, who would want to cherish success coveted through cheating and greed?

Do not be too comfy and friendly with your bosses. It's okay to befriend your superiors. However, being too cozy with them can be a different thing. First, it can give your colleagues the impression that you’re pursuing your goals by pursuing your boss. Second, when you're too close with your superiors, saying no becomes too difficult to do.

Do not veer away from the office gossip. If you don't join the gossip, then they will gossip about you. Office gossips will always be present in every workplace. It is not encouraged, but in order to ride with the flow, dropping by a quick and harmless chit-chat might help. Just make sure that you don't say something negative outright to avoid further trouble.

Unlike maintaining your home, maintaining a workplace can be more demanding of your effort. Keep these tips in mind and you should have a harmonious and fun workplace all throughout; making a lasting and fulfilling career in the long run.

Warm regards,

Patrick Taranto

Friday, August 14, 2015

Good Workplace Relationships

Come to think of it, you spend more than half of your lifetime inside your workplace. In making a long-term and fulfilling career, you need to have your own circle. Given this, it is just very necessary that you maintain good relationships with your co-workers in the office. A harmonious relationship with your bosses, counterparts, and subordinates ensures a fun and healthy environment and thus; a good foundation to making a long-term and satisfying career. Below, listed is five tried-and-tested tips to help every employee maintain a happy workplace and a well-motivated self.

Do not be too friendly with your bosses. Being too cozy and chummy with your bosses can have its own disadvantages. First, the people surrounding you may think of it as your way of pursuing higher office by getting in with your bosses. That would not make a very smart impression. Second, when you get too close with your bosses, you have a hard time saying “no.”

Have your own circle. As the cliché goes, “No man is an island.” You need to have your own power boosters at work. Work is not always a breath of fresh air. Confiding with each other once in a while will prove to be a therapeutic outlet. The friendships found at work do not end in your office doors, they go a long way and beyond.

Treat all levels the same. If you treat your boss like England's queen, that's how you are expected to treat utility crews as well. When you treat people from all levels pleasantly, that improves your social likeability as person and as a future leader.

Ride with the flow, play with the mood. The workplace may be a haven of politics at times. You can’t do anything about that. To pull off each day, you have to ride with the flow. Do not take things too hard on you; however, if everybody's busy then keep yourself busy as well by focusing on the tasks assigned to you.

Smile as often as you can. A sincere smile will not only attract  friends for work but friends for a lifetime. As mentioned above, you will need friends in order to get by.

Now, you wouldn't have to worry too much about having no reason to go to work. There's more than just
waiting for your checks come payday. A happy and harmonious workplace can be more effective in enhancing skills and personalities; thus, helping make your career more solid, long-term and very satisfying.

Networking in the workplace is vital to your success as an employee.
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Warm regards,

Patrick Taranto

Monday, August 10, 2015

Freelance ?

Most all of us end up working at some point in our life. The following information is provided to improve your working conditions, work life, and/or career.

Be Your Own Boss with Freelancing

Perhaps you are tired of reporting to someone else; having them tell you when and where to work, what to do, when you can take a break, go to lunch, take a vacation, etc.  Have you thought about freelance work from home opportunities?

Visit  They match freelancers with employers who need their services.  Work as much or as little as you want.  GoFreelance offers memberships to provide you with all your freelance opportunities.  You get access to great jobs, you can work from home, and start at any time.

How to Start a Freelance Career

Work at Home and Earn an Excellent Income

Imagine being able to work from your own home, doing a job you love, and
getting paid handsomely for doing it. Wouldn't that be great?
Well, the good news is that this is not just a fantasy. It is a prospect that is
well within your reach. Today, millions of people worldwide have established
highly-successful careers as freelance professionals. Writers, designers,
programmers and many other home-based consultants have discovered that
freelancing offers the perfect combination of freedom, creativity, flexibility
and profitability.

So do you need years of experience and fantastic qualifications to join these
lucky people? Not at all. You just need a skill that you can offer to potential
clients, and the willingness to learn how to run a home-based business.

Of course, the biggest challenge for new freelancers is finding enough work to
justify giving up a day job. How can you be sure that you will keep yourself
busy with lucrative work? This used to be a concern, but thanks to the advent of
the Internet, things are now much easier.

Now there are a number of job sites dedicated to helping freelancers find work
and stay busy. Go Freelance, for example, brings you hundreds of
fresh freelance jobs like these:

Write for Discussion Boards: $1200 per week, plus bonus
A writer is needed for an ongoing writing project. You will need to write copy
to stimulate others into joining the discussion board. The writer needs to
actively encourage regular and meaningful debate on the relevant discussion
board, with some moderating of the content. You must have solid writing skills
and good ideas. 
Get paid to write quality content

Administer a Web Business from Home: $4000 per month
A successful e-commerce venture is seeking a part-time virtual assistant to act
as a home-based office manager. You will deal with email correspondence, update
site content and deal with general admin issues. You should have your own
computer and Internet access.

Transcribe Author's Notes: $80 per hour, flexible working
A publishing company is seeking a freelance with an eye for detail to
transcribe authors' notes and recordings for a range of ongoing projects. You
must have a good grasp of English, be able to edit content into readable form,
and be able to submit work from home by email.

You can sign up for a trial subscription for just $7.00, and get instant access to all the projects in the jobs database. So if you would like to get started on the road to freelance success right now,

An amazing number of people are looking to freelance from home, are you going to be one of them?
See you there ! 

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Be the Next Boss

Every employee aims to achieve career advancement. A promotion is not only a sign of growth but also an indication that your company and your bosses trust your capabilities as a worker. However, before you could even transfer to a more spacious room and get your own pool of assistants, you will have to prove your worth. How do you show your potential? How do you make them pick you and not the others? Below are some tips to guide you through a long-term career by getting your most-coveted promotion.

Speak with sense. During meetings or brainstorming, do not leaving the room without having anything sensible to say. They did not hire your for nothing. They hired you because they saw a great potential in you. Prove this by coming up with brilliant ideas.

Show it, not show off. Walk the talk! People may have a good first impression about you. Sustain this by a systematic and efficient execution of tasks. Show them what makes you a great sales person or maybe a top notch IT analyst. Apart from giving them an impressive performance, keep your values on the ground as well.

Work your way to excellence, not work your way to your boss.  How you play your game will play a huge role in determining people's impression about you. If you keep it clean, people around you will realize that you are capable of bigger responsibilities.

Recognition will come in very easily as well as the attainment of a long-term and satisfying career.

Be on time. Promptness is a virtue in the workplace. Being prompt, not only in attendance but also in turnover of assigned tasks will be properly taken in to account when eyeing someone for higher office. If you want to move ahead, prove your worth by being on time all the time.

Listen to what other people have to say. Do not pretend to know everything. Leaders know how to listen to what their subordinates have to say. Be open to suggestions and consider such when coming up with outputs.

Making you the next boss is never too easy. However, if you know the right attitude and if you do your thing right, then you'll get more than just a promotion. A long-term and fulfilling career will surely await you.

Such good information on career advancement and moving yourself into the position of BOSS. 
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Warm regards,

Patrick Taranto

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Make Yourself a Long-term Career

We don't just want a job. We want a career. Every year, millions of fresh college graduates make their attempt in the real world. Every single applicant aims for the same thing as everybody else – a fulfilling and long term career. So how do we ensure that we're on the right track of making a stable career and not just a temporary job? How do we avoid living by every payday and instead focus on what it makes us - as a person, as an employee and a worker - for the companies that we work with? In short, how do we ensure a career and not simply a job?

Know it from the start. Do not engage yourself in a job which you're not passionate about in the first
place. If you hated mathematics in college, then there will surely be no room for you as an actuary. Know what you're doing. If you are good in what you do, people will see you as a great potential for higher and bigger positions. In this case, promotion and career advancement will come in very quickly.

Love what you're doing. To sustain your motivation throughout a long term career, you need to love what you're doing. More than just knowing it, you need to love it. Otherwise, you'll end up quitting every time you reach your “saturation point.” That's not a smart way to build a stable career path. After all, in the long run, your greatest motivation will be your passion to perfect your craft, not because your superiors ask you to, but because you love what you do.
Live the goal of your company. If you are not one with the goals of your company, then there's no reason to be there. Employment longevity will entail a lot of passion, not only for what you do but for what your company aims to achieve as well.

Make good relationships with your co-workers. Everybody needs his own circle to get by. The friendships that you develop with your work buddies will not only be limited within the workplace. In some cases, they would end up in lifetime friendship.

Keep these tips in mind and work your way to a great career full of fun and satisfaction.

Passion for your work is the key to success.

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Warm regards,

Patrick Taranto