Monday, December 25, 2006

Keep relaxed !

Calm can have different causes, depending on the person and their background.
External calming factors

They are often related to your environment.

Conditions such as long-term employment is a common example.

Internal calming factors

They are related to your character and psychology

Books about Relaxation

Managing Pressure at Work
The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook
Stress Management For Dummies®
The Relaxation Response
Yoga for Stress Relief :A simple and unique 3-month program

You still haven't found the book you need?

Check all the bestsellers in relaxation category !

Preventing stress at work

Limiting or avoiding stress in the workplace depends on the employee AND the employer : the employee can reduce their own stress, while the employer is able to eliminate stress factors in the workplace.As a worker, the most important thing is to have a good personal organization, which allows you to respect priorities and deadlines without anxiety problems. Always try to be positive : celebrating your accomplishments is good for motivation! However, also keep realistic : too much work without relaxing will decrease your productivity.Of course, the employer can improve working conditions with simple changes, but organisational changes and stress management are most valuable in the long term. If necessary, the employer should :
Establish work schedules that are compatible with family life and responsibilities outside the job.
Adapt the workload to workers' skills, try to provide meaning and stimulation.
Clearly define workers' roles and responsibilities.
Give employees opportunities to participate in decisions concerning their jobs.
Improve communication about career development and opportunities.
Find ways to improve social interactions among workers.
Show appreciation (people need to feel important and highly-valued!)

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