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Les secteurs qui vont recruter en 2012

Il y a certains secteurs qui devraient recruter en 2012. C'est le cas de l'informatique, l'industrie aéronautique, de l'énergie, des emplois médicaux, des services à la personne ou encore de l'hôtellerie restauration. Mcdonald's devrait recruter 9000 personnes d'ici 2014

Mon Coach Emploi - Episode 4 : vivez un entretien d'embauche en direct


Seven Steps To Personal Mastery

I long ago discovered an important strategy that has allowed me,
and my clients to continually improve performance (personal and
business) every year.

It's called an After Action Review (AAR), and it’s all about
leveraging knowledge and experience.

To experience consistent growth you need to leverage you past
experience for all it’s worth. In this lesson, I'll show you
how to do it.

To make 2012 the best it can be, you need to perform an AAR and
analyze what took place in 2011. You need to identify every nugget
of knowledge your past performance offers and leverage it for all
it’s worth.

You and I both know that no matter how good or bad your results
were in 2011 - you can always do better.

Yet, the single biggest key to improving both your performance and
your results seems to go ignored by almost everybody. If you want
to be at the top of your game you absolutely must review, analyze,
and learn from what has already happened.

Seven Steps That Can Change Your Life

There are …