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Interested by coaching ?

Hope you are enjoying this summer !  We have some great news for you!
We want to share one of our hot selling ebook with you, and hope you will enjoy it and secure a position in an organization, as number of followers already had! The content is developed by investing thousands of hours in research, providing consultation to some of Fortune 500 Companies, career guidance to fresh graduates, and providing Recruitment services to top notch companies. In a nut shell its Jam packed with full of resourceful content. We are in this business for more than 20 years and we can give you our expert opinion on your Cover Letters, Resumes, and CV. Having some of the experts professional from Human Resource Industry on board, we can help you conduct Mock Interviews. You can reach us, to schedule an appointment for the Mock Interviews. http://pa…

Is it Time for a Raise?

Perhaps, more than career fulfillment, the other major reason and motivation in every person's career is the financial compensation that he/she gets. Every employee, especially the career starters, should know their worth as a worker. In the long run, one will feel that he's doing more than what he gets. And when this situation doesn't get properly attended to, the result is a mediocre employee working on a temporary mediocre job, not a potential long-term career. So when do you know it's time for a raise?

You've been with the company at least 6 months or a year old in your position. Most companies would usually give their employees a raise upon regularization. If your company does not hold true to this and you feel that you have done more than what was asked for, it is advised that you speak with your immediate supervisor about giving you a raise.

You know you work hard and it shows in your outputs. Your boss asks you to go over time, you stay as told. You brainst…

The No-no's During a Job Interview

Most all of us end up working at some point in our life. The following information is provided to improve your working conditions, work life, and/or career.

Before you could even build a stable and a satisfying career, there are a few other factors that you will need to surpass. To get the job you want, you need to go through a thorough application screening. Along every step, it is very critical for applicants to keep it right. More than just that, every single step should be given a beyond- mediocre performance or output, otherwise, losing your slot to other equally competitive applicants can come very easy. The job interview is one of the major and most-feared processes in job hunting. Below are some tried-and-tested tips to help you pull off a job interview and hopefully, start your way to a lasting and fulfilling career.

Come on time. Coming late to your interview will make an instant negative impression. This can be a manifestation of irresponsibility on your part. Most intervie…

Cover Letter Secrets

Most all of us end up working at some point in our life.
The following information is provided to improve your
working conditions, work life, and/or career.

One of the most important things to receiving an
interview besides your resume is a great cover letter.  A
cover letter can make or break your application as it
MUST grab the attention of the prospective employer. Amazing cover letter offers a fantastic service for
job seeks needing to get noticed with their cover
letters.   They say on their website, “Cover Letter Magic:
A simple, carefully written cover letter sprinkled with a
few proven, magical marketing ingredients can fill your
calendar with quality job interviews, faster and easier
than you'd ever imagine.”

Their program is tax deductible, reasonably priced, and
100% guaranteed.

This sounds like one of the best deals on the market for
job seekers.
Look for the next email: Job Interview No-No’s.

Warm rega…

Job Searching

Most all of us end up working at some point in our life.
The following information is provided to improve your
working conditions, work life, and/or career.

Searching for a Job?

In today’s economy with LOTS of layoffs and reductions
in force, many people are hunting for a new job.
Perhaps it has been a while since you’ve been in the
position where you have to search for employment?

The digital and internet age is upon us so you’ve be wise
to use those resources to your advantage.
One such website is  You can search for
employment opportunities as well as post your resume
so companies can find you.

They offer career advice, resume writing, along with job
searching.  Add in how to interview, salary surveys and
so much more; this online resource is the first place to
visit in your job search efforts.

Look for the next email: Cover Letter Secrets.

Warm regards,

Patrick Taranto…

Career Starter Tips

Most all of us end up working at some point in our life.  
The following information is provided to improve your
working conditions, work life, and/or career.
Surefire Tips for Career Starters

Competition has become stiffer today. With the global
recession that the world is currently experiencing, fresh
college graduates are wondering how they may be able
to get the long-term career they want. Yes, more than
maintaining a long and stable career, starting one is
even more difficult to do. So how do you make sure that
you find a job which can give you a stable and fulfilling
career in the long run? Below are 5 surefire tips to guide

1.Choose the career path which you are most
passionate about. If you are passionate with the
arts, it is more likely that you're a good fit in an
advertising firm. Otherwise, pursuing something
related to actuarial might just have you quitting by
your third month. If you're considering a long-term
career, it is very important that you love what you…

Your Free Report

7 Job Hunting Tips

Are you a fresh graduate and planning to look for a job? Did you just recently quit your job and are looking for greener pastures? Are you unemployed and have little experience regarding ways to secure a job?

Whatever your situation may be, it would be to your advantage to study the following mistakes that have cost job seekers many opportunities that could have easily been avoided had they focused on following a clear-cut strategy to effective job hunting.

Tip #1:
 Create The Perfect Resume

Before submitting your resume to a prospective employer, check your it for corrections at least three times before handing it over. After researching about the job position, it is critical that you format your resume to match the needs of the company.

For example, if you are applying for an accounting job, you should put in detail your accounting experience on your resume. Typographical and grammatical errors are serious no-no's. It is also ideal to keep the length of the resume…

Results Are Everything

With the third quarter just under way, I wanted to 
share a few thoughts that impact your results and 
overall performance.

The year is now 50% complete.

If you had ambitions of making $250,000 this year,
you should NOW have $125,000 in the bag.

If you set a goal of paying down $20,000 in debt,
you should be $10,000 lighter by now.

If you started the year overweight and determined 
to lose 30 pounds, you should have dropped 15 pounds
by this date.

Are you on track with any of your goals or resolutions?

Have you surpassed your expectations?

Are you even close?

There is only ONE reason for under performance and...


Your year-to-date results aren't dependent upon your
background, your company, your spouse, the economy,
the latest bestseller on the self-help charts, or who's
sitting in the Oval Office.

Your results ARE dependent upon, one thing...YOU and
your ability to deliver, and right now you have NOT 
delivered the goods.

It's time to shine a flashlight to your soul, ackn…

Peter Thiel: We are in a Higher Education Bubble


Looking for a student with skills in project managment and german language

Hi, Hope life is treating you well! I wanted to share opportunity that I have come across recently and was wondering if you might be interested to work, or refer potential candidate in your circle. Well the opportunity is related to Project Management Job, and confined to German Speakers only. The selected candidate will be paid daily fee for its services and had to report parent company. Further details will be shared with the interested candidates.
Let me know if this opportunity excites you, so I can share further details with you. Regards,  T.  Désinscription / Changer d'adresse e-mail
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