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The event you must attend

No joke! As a trusted customer of mine I wanted to bring you in to a pretty specialevent. My friend John Assaraf is holding his 4th Annual LIVE Brain-A-Thon on Nov. 7th.  John, as you may know, is a legend in the personal growth field. He's been on Larry King and, of course, he's the author of New York Times bestseller, "The Answer." In addition to all of these media appearances and movies and writing books, he has built five multi-million dollar companies including one which grew to $4.5 Billion, with a capital B, in sales. But what's truly extraordinary about John is his work on understanding the mindset, values, and beliefs of the rich, and how we can adapt that in our own lives to shatter our own financial glass ceilings. What makes this a special event? This is a deeply immersive event where you'll learn how to retrain your brain to quickly release the self-doubt, fear, embarrassment, shame, procrastination, and lack of confidence that's HOLDINGYOU …