Monday, December 25, 2006

Coaching for executives

You are looking for a new job? So you should review your resume, write appropriate cover letters, and get prepared for your interviews. These three steps are essential for you to get over this new stage in your career.

Resume for executives

As an executive, you may think that your experience and your status speak for themselves.However, experience is not always sufficient to find a job.
Be careful: your resume must highlight the experience that favours you
Emphasize the professional achievements that make you a "unique" person
Visit a few useful sites to improve your resume and post it on the web
Use internet to write your resume

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Cover letter for executives
Find advice and examples to write a good cover letter and get an interview.
In addition to your resume, the cover letter is the last step before getting an interview.
Use internet to write your cover letter

Struggling to write a cover letter? Click Here !

Practice interview for executives

Get well-prepared thanks to mock interviews

Good practice is necessary before every interview
Make a good impression and get the job you want

Interview secrets revealed!
Master the interview in less than TWO hours!

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