Friday, April 20, 2012

Creative strategies for finding the great employer

This blogpost is an  adaptation from  Creative-recruiting-strategies-for-finding-great-hires
Source Business Insiders.
The idea is that, when we speak of recruitment as for dating, what works for employers works also for candidates. I also added some comments from my own recruiting experience.

1.Handpick dream employers and show them you want them
Example handpick 10 ideal recruiters and got to "know" them by researching their social media profiles and past work.  Then sent each one a personalized letter (or video ? )

2. Attend events that are NOT job fairs
For example, if you look for  a  webmaster position  in San Diego, you could attend a web design-focused meetup in the area and look for potential recruiters. You'll show you're passionate about what you do.

3. Make yourself stand out with non-traditional media

A resume on a jobsearch site won't necessarily make you stand out. A video or podcast, however, will do just that.

4.Actively search profiles and social networking sites

We would  suggest
Look at that one

5.Look for Advertisement for the keywords in your area of expertise.
 "For instance, my company, Rapleaf, is always looking for people who are interested in Hadoop, an open-source software framework that supports applications running across multiple, distributed computers. So we purchase ads that will appear when people search for keywords associated with Hadoop,"

6. Consider past employers when a period of 3 months have elapsed since your last unsuccessful application.

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