Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Follow the Breadcrumbs to Your Dream Career

On paper, it looks like you've reached all of the checkpoints of success:
  • You got good grades and graduated with a degree in a field that got you on the fast track to a job right out of college.
  • You got that promotion (and raise!) that you worked hard for at a job that any other person would be jealous of...
But then, it becomes quiet and you start to wonder:

"Is this all there is? Is this the path that I'm supposed to be on?"

Short answer: Probably not.
Next question: Now what?
Answer: Meet Lisa Lewis, one of our friends over at Happen To Your Career. She just so happens to be:
  1. The skilled and knowledgeable lead career coach for Career Change Bootcamp
  2. The featured guest on their most popular podcast episode to-date
In this episode, 147 Follow the Breadcrumbs to Your Dream Career, Lisa answers a couple of your career search questions and shares her own journey to finding a career that came naturally to her (after experimenting with her other career interests first, of course).
Listen to HTYC founder, Scott, and his chat with Lisa - you owe it to yourself to Follow the Breadcrumbs to Your Dream Career and leave your career pain to find your career freedom.


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