Wednesday, June 8, 2016

An interesting MOOC for Career Edge by Jim Pautz

What does it take to succeed in today’s competitive job market? Applicants need more than standard credentials to get hired and be successful. The skills that are valued within the workplace have changed.
The Fullbridge Career Edge XSeries Program is designed to help you develop those key skills, through critical thinking and problem solving techniques, strategies to succeed in teams and a foundation in the analytical and data driven frameworks needed for success in any industry.
This five-course XSeries will explore contemporary business fundamentals and help you create a marketable personal brand that is visible not only in the workplace, but to a larger global audience. Through innovative and engaging learning techniques, including interactive assessments and games, you will build and enhance critical hard and soft skills that appeal to both current and future employers.
You’ll get guidance from Fullbridge’s Jim Pautz, Vice President of Coaching, Operations, and Talent. FullbridgeX’s Career Edge XSeries will arm you with the right skills and tools to successfully enter the workforce or transition into a new career or role. Take the Career Edge XSeries to get what you want out of your professional career, build the foundational skills required for workplace success, and get the job you want.
A Fullbridge XSeries certificate will bolster your resume and indicate that you are equipped with the skills to succeed in the workplace. 

What You'll Learn

  • Learn strategies for tackling complex problems in the workplace including known problem solving methods and design thinking
  • Learn how to communicate, collaborate, motivate and be a strong team contributor
  • Develop research, analytic, and data presentation skills to help you deliver compelling insights
  • Understand your professional preferences, strengths and interests and build a personal career roadmap
  • Build compelling resume writing, networking, and interview skills to help you stand out to employers

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