Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cover letter in English Tips and tricks

Mentioning key points relating to US and UK cover letters:

1. Format - If we notice,
  • UK cover letter mentions the name and address on the top right hand side of the letter
  • Date of application on the right hand side below the name
  • In US cover letter, it is left aligned
  • In US cover letter, applicant mentions its address in the signature
  • Other rules in terms of font style, font size, use of italics/bold is common to both
  • Bullet points 
2. Content

  • Insist more on skills and experience rather than Education 
  • UK cover letter tries to convince a bit more than the US which is more direct
  • US is a bit more stringent on the grammar, spellings, syntax than the UK counterpart
  • UK is a bit more professional than the US one relatively
  • In both cases, a strict NO to mentioning age, marital status, gender which is termed as discriminatory 
3. Style
  • US Cover Letter is flashy unlike the UK one « outstanding communication skills« , « proven leadership skills« …
  • US Cover Letter is aggressive than the UK one
  • Depending upon the position one applies for, the style of the cover letter could be more creative or technical or a combination

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