Sunday, August 16, 2015

The No-no's of the Place They Call “Workplace”

Coming to work everyday and making a long-term career can be made a lot easier if you know how to be at your best all of the time and if you are cautious about making good relationships with your officemates. For career starters, the workplace is not very much different from the academe. Keep your workplace healthy at all times. Below are five surefire workplace no-no's to help you avoid mistakes in the workplace.

Do not be late. Promptness at work, not only through attendance but also through output submission, is a sign of responsibility. If you are quick to turnover assigned tasks, this will impress your superiors and thus may even provide for various bigger responsibilities.

Do not take your personal problems to work. You are expected to leave your problems at work when you reach home the same way that you are expected to forget about your personal problems when you come to the workplace. “Focus” is a very essential element in order to carry out tasks efficiently and quickly.

Do not pursue your intentions at the expense of your co-workers. Yes, everybody wants to get ahead. The competition can be really stiff at the workplace. However, pursuing your wants at the expense of somebody’s back is a big no-no. You never know when karma gets back to you. Play your game clean. After all, who would want to cherish success coveted through cheating and greed?

Do not be too comfy and friendly with your bosses. It's okay to befriend your superiors. However, being too cozy with them can be a different thing. First, it can give your colleagues the impression that you’re pursuing your goals by pursuing your boss. Second, when you're too close with your superiors, saying no becomes too difficult to do.

Do not veer away from the office gossip. If you don't join the gossip, then they will gossip about you. Office gossips will always be present in every workplace. It is not encouraged, but in order to ride with the flow, dropping by a quick and harmless chit-chat might help. Just make sure that you don't say something negative outright to avoid further trouble.

Unlike maintaining your home, maintaining a workplace can be more demanding of your effort. Keep these tips in mind and you should have a harmonious and fun workplace all throughout; making a lasting and fulfilling career in the long run.

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Patrick Taranto

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