Sunday, August 2, 2015

Make Yourself a Long-term Career

We don't just want a job. We want a career. Every year, millions of fresh college graduates make their attempt in the real world. Every single applicant aims for the same thing as everybody else – a fulfilling and long term career. So how do we ensure that we're on the right track of making a stable career and not just a temporary job? How do we avoid living by every payday and instead focus on what it makes us - as a person, as an employee and a worker - for the companies that we work with? In short, how do we ensure a career and not simply a job?

Know it from the start. Do not engage yourself in a job which you're not passionate about in the first
place. If you hated mathematics in college, then there will surely be no room for you as an actuary. Know what you're doing. If you are good in what you do, people will see you as a great potential for higher and bigger positions. In this case, promotion and career advancement will come in very quickly.

Love what you're doing. To sustain your motivation throughout a long term career, you need to love what you're doing. More than just knowing it, you need to love it. Otherwise, you'll end up quitting every time you reach your “saturation point.” That's not a smart way to build a stable career path. After all, in the long run, your greatest motivation will be your passion to perfect your craft, not because your superiors ask you to, but because you love what you do.
Live the goal of your company. If you are not one with the goals of your company, then there's no reason to be there. Employment longevity will entail a lot of passion, not only for what you do but for what your company aims to achieve as well.

Make good relationships with your co-workers. Everybody needs his own circle to get by. The friendships that you develop with your work buddies will not only be limited within the workplace. In some cases, they would end up in lifetime friendship.

Keep these tips in mind and work your way to a great career full of fun and satisfaction.

Passion for your work is the key to success.

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