Thursday, November 29, 2012

Joint Venture- Free Offer

Hi, ,
I have a rather unusual proposition for you.
My name is Patrick Taranto  and I’m an HR consultant  right here in France since 1989.
During this time I’ve been lucky enough to serve more than 1350 clients.
Just recently I was thinking of a way to market my business  in a cost-effective manner. And I
realized I could do something that would be an excellent opportunity for you to gain enormous goodwill from your
clients while we both benefit.
I am in the position to let you give your clients a very valuable service from me which will greatly endear your
clients to you without costing you a dime.
Let me explain.
I would like to send a letter coming from you giving
your clients a link for a free product with me.
During this time I'll thoroughly give them valuable advice for their career advancement.
Don’t you think that would be a great thank you gift from you?
And it will not cost you a dime or take any of your time.
Plus, I’ll write the entire letter for you and you can have complete editorial control of it.

Please remember, this will in no way take away or be
competitive with your services. I just figured it would
make an excellent gift you can give away to your clients
for their business and a way for me to get more people
into my practise. There are no strings attached.

If this sounds like a good idea (and it really is), I’d be happy to give you the free
report so you can see for yourself how great this report really is.
Just call me at and I'll explain everything in full detail.

Patrick Taranto
Media JD 

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