Monday, October 15, 2012

Professional help for your resume


A CV resume is quite simply an 'advert' to sell yourself to an employer. You should send a CV to an employer when they ask for one in a job advert, or when you are enquiring if any jobs are available. So the purpose of your CV is to make you attractive, interesting, worth considering to the organization/company and so receive a job interview.
An employer may have several hundred enquiries about a single job. He or she will only choose a few people who appear suitable for interview.

Therefore, your CV must be as good as you can make it.

Today, in a competitive job market in which people are defined by what they do,  a good CV can give you an immensely valuable head start in the race that is your working life. Right?

 Whether you are planning to change jobs inside your organization or outside, just setting out, looking to change tracks and career paths, or hoping to start again, a strong CV provides a base from which you can derive great confidence in the modern work place.

Would you like an expert’s feedback on your CV? Of Course !!

Then service is just for you... We create the best CV in French or in English, with a recruitment specialist or an expert from your field.

This service will help you check:
- If it mirrors your project and your “added value”,
- If it contains useful data easily understood by a non-specialist,
- The “marketing” aspect: form and content.

Take advantage of this offer and create the best CV –in French, in English, with a recruitment specialist or an expert from your field.

We have very strong references.

Contact us at or by phone at 33 (0)1 46 23 89 14

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