Monday, March 5, 2007

Pre test : are you ready for investment banking questions ?

These interview questions are fired at you now in quick succession by two bankers sitting opposite you. Are you capable of answering them on-cue, right now, with complete structure and accuracy?

"How would you calculate the value of a bond? What stocks do you follow? Do you play golf? What's the best idea you've ever had and how will you top it? What is put-call parity? Tell me about a time you came up with an innovative solution to a complex problem. Without using paper, what is 17 x 8.5?"

Did you know that these are only a few of the 80+ questions that you could get asked at your investment banking interview... and you only get one chance to make your impression on these busy people?

Did you know that you don't need over-complicated theories that take countless hours to learn before you know how to answer Investment banking technical questions... you just need some structure and some simple, basic knowledge?

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