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The No-no's During a Job Interview

Most all of us end up working at some point in our life. The following information is provided to improve your working conditions, work life, and/or career.

Before you could even build a stable and a satisfying career, there are a few other factors that you will need to surpass. To get the job you want, you need to go through a thorough application screening. Along every step, it is very critical for applicants to keep it right. More than just that, every single step should be given a beyond- mediocre performance or output, otherwise, losing your slot to other equally competitive applicants can come very easy. The job interview is one of the major and most-feared processes in job hunting. Below are some tried-and-tested tips to help you pull off a job interview and hopefully, start your way to a lasting and fulfilling career.

Come on time. Coming late to your interview will make an instant negative impression. This can be a manifestation of irresponsibility on your part. Most interviewers, especially those for the final interview concerning department heads or CEO's, have major appointments to attend to. Sometimes, they would cancel or move such appointments in order to accommodate job potentials. If you come late, not only do you give them the bad impression, you also ruin their entire day. And that would not be a very smart way to start a career.

Give a firm hand shake. When you come inside the room, greet your interviewer with a firm a handshake. A handshake is not only a greeting gesture; it shows your confidence as well as your ethics and behavior is in social functions.  This is even more important if you're applying for a PR or marketing job.

Dress to impress. You do not need to hire designers to give you the right look. Keep it proper and comfortable. Most applicants go for black suits (for men) or black dress with a blazer or cardigan (for women). This is highly suggested when applying for corporate positions. On the other hand, if you are applying in an advertising firm, dressing creatively and experimenting with more colors would be ideal as well.

Look the interviewers in the eye. Looking straight in your interviewer's eye will show your sincerity and confidence for the position that you're applying for.

Ask questions. When you ask questions, it shows your willingness to learn more about the position, but of the company as well. Bosses and interviewers are usually appreciative of applicants who ask a few questions.

Yes, the competition is stiff but getting the career your want is not a very difficult to do. Jump-start your career by pulling off an impressive job interview!

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