Enjoy Responsibly

  Enjoy Responsibly....A Strategy for Grown Ups Greetings... With the current pandemic around the world everybody is being forced to rethink their goals and plans for 2021 and beyond. Regardless of the final outcome...I'm quite certain, the following truth will always remain. It does not matter how big, bold or ambitious your goals are in the second quarter...if you cannot convert them into results then it's all wasted, right? Contrary to popular belief it's not what you know or even who you know that matters most in life...the #1 skill that ultimately determines your destiny is your ability to execute and drive results. As you are confronted with the reality that the first quarter of the year is history, now is the perfect time to reflect on your performance and overall results. How many goals have you accomplished so far this year? Are you on track for having the best year of your life ...or are you under-performing and just getting by? If you continue doing exactly what

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The personal Branding Blueprint

 Hi, The digital world is full of clutter. Did you know that research shows that we are exposed to upward of 5,000 marketing messages each day?  Some are overt and others are more hidden, but in order for a marketing message to succeed it must stand out.  Given that there are so many candidates  out there targeting recruiters, it is essential that your students are seen as the best choice.  To do that, they need to build their personal brand. Well, today you can grab my brand new guide called: The Personal Branding Blueprint. You can grab your copy here: Here’s what you’ll discover inside this course: • What exactly a personal brand is and why it is so important • How to understand yourself to better create a brand • Information on what to look for when defining your target audience • Deciding what you have to offer  to the recruiter • Methods to help  recruiters trust you • Why you need to be authentic • The keys to consistent branding  • Information on the benef

Atteignez vos objectifs professionnels

    Une formation pour la définition et la réalisation de vos objectifs pour 9,99 euros seulement en utilisant ce coupon valable uniquement 3 fois et pour 4 jours seulement Ce cours vous apprendra pourquoi, comment et jusqu'où se fixer des objectifs quantitatifs et qualitatifs pour vous et votre équipe. IL s'agit d'un cours de 47 minutes en ligne que vous pouvez suivre à votre propre rythme. Les compétences que vous allez acquérir : Se fixer un objectif : Etat désiré ou état B Analyser la situation présente : Etat actuel ou état A Identifier les écarts Définir un plan d'action pour passer de l'état A à l'état B

S'entraîner à l'entretien de recrutement (même à la dernière minute !): 60 exercices inédits pour réussir - 60 minutes d'entretien ! (Emploi et carrière)

Lors d'un entretien de recrutement, vous n'avez droit qu'à une chance pour convaincre et faire la différence !  En 60 exercices, cet ouvrage présente les clés pour vous préparer et avoir confiance en vous le jour J. Vous pourrez ainsi intégrer les 7 facteurs de succès d'un entretien et vous entraîner, entre autres, à : construire votre pitch ; muscler votre discours et l'adapter aux différentes phases de l'entretien ; renforcer vos points de force  ; développer les stratégies gagnantes et lever les objections ; déminer les questions soit disant pièges. Avec des matrices à compléter et les 100 questions basiques des recruteurs en fin d'ouvrage, ce guide comporte également des exercices spécifiques pour se positionner à l'international (spécificités des entretiens en contexte nord-américain, en Asie...) ainsi qu'un script détaillé et modulable d'entretien en anglais.

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 Hi ,   Hope you are doing well.    Today you can grab my brand new guide called: Your resume, your cover letter and your interview 2021: The Personal Branding Blueprint. You can grab your copy here:   Here’s what you’ll discover inside this brand new book : • How to understand yourself to better create a brand • Information on what to look for when defining your target audience • Deciding what you have to offer your audience  • Information on how to build your profile on Linkedin  • The top platforms and job boards for 2021  • An 8-week action plan to find your next work opportunity  • How to write an outstanding resume and a captivating cover letter with samples    •How to convince the decision-makers   It is all based on my 30 years of experience in career coaching    Make sure your claim your copy right now while it's hot!   To Your Success, Patrick Taranto    P.S. : you can also access a related video training on Personal Bra

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   Hey, If you’re planning on making 2021 your best year ever, than be sure to check out what Gary Ryan Blair has to say. He's just released an outstanding Manifesto called START RIGHT: Your 2021 Game Plan. Get a copy here.   It's some radical thinking...but that's what you need to achieve radical goals in the new year. You're going to love it! Patrick Taranto P.S. To make 2021 the best year of your life your really need to see what's on the other side of this link: